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Aerial Optimization of Construction Sites

Existing surveying and construction companies have been using the same techniques for decades. We empower you with the ability to plan and control your flights using only your tablet or smartphone. No looking for the USB cable or SD card. But rather spending time on what matters most the job site.

Our Hive App

Automated aerial vision with data extrapolation for enterprise services

Neu Robotics focuses on processes that work towards simplifying and providing more data to engineers. Thus allowing an evolution in the design and BIM. The AoX is an asymmetric drone completely 3d printed from proprietary carbon fiber. Allowing the drone to have a very stable platform, which enables the drone to autonomously collect data regardless of environmental conditions. The data collected is converted into a point cloud/3-d model of the terrain and structures which AOX has surveyed.

Step 1: Map

Mission Planning

Deploy, collect and collate the data with our simple app.

Step 2: Detect

Tag and annotate your data

Our online portal allows users to draw, measure and calculate scanned data with the ability to export as a report.

Step 3: Monitor

3D model generation in hours

Export your 3D generated model in under an hour and share reports with colleagues.


Micro-leasing for your aerial solutions

We offer our platform and cloud-based services structured around a “DaaS” model (Drones as a Service), Leasing our UAV on an annual basis for a base fee and various tier-based fees, dependent on data usage.

Future Applications


Orbital debris encompasses in natural and artificial particles. Whilst governments are tracing discrete objects for characterizing the satellite environment. Planning and reacting to debris via mapping or computer vision. Allow debris avoidance maneuvers to keep valuable assets safe in space.

Using advanced, depth-sensing cameras, we can build 3D maps, provide high quality video streams, and generate high quality visual data that allows high task planning and execution.

Precision Agriculture

Optimize your crop yields via smart, data-driven farming by employing drones in the field. Having a birds-eye view of your agriculture operations, increases crop production, and helps monitor crop growth. Sensors and digital imaging capabilities can give farmers a richer picture of their fields.

Our platform will be capable generating the type of data necessary for soil and crop monitoring and analysis, from early stage seed planting through the harvest of the crop. Our flight planning software also makes it easy to create custom flights covering specific plots of land.

Security / Public services

Keep a watchful eye in the sky during crowded public events to find missing persons with thermal imaging technology. There are numerous use cases in the public sector; police and fire-fighting, disaster response, environmental protection.

Provide live visual feeds of ongoing fires, and utilize our proprietary image detection and recognition software for search and rescue operations. We can provide object detection for species counting and identification, and assessing flood vulnerability. Our solution is a more flexible and cost-effective air asset compared with helicopters.

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